It's Secure offers a range of security services.

Alarm Systems

Back to Base Monitoring

It's Secure offers 24/7 back to base monitoring 365 days a year. At It's Secure we don't only monitor alarms, we monitor medical devices, low battery faults, GSM units, smoke detectors, plant equipment and other services like pagers.

We can monitor your existing system, many times for less than you are already paying, as well as systems we install ourselves.

Monitored systems together with stickers or signage noting their presence are the best deterrent for burglars, giving you the greatest peace of mind when away from the monitored location.


Having a back-to-base monitored alarm system allows you to know exactly when the alarm has been triggered. It's Secure offers you the ability to nominate 3 contact people for immediate emergency notification. Alternatively you can elect to send a patrol car which can offer an estimated arrival time of only 5-7 minutes.

Smoke & Fire

For much greater fire safety assurance It's Secure has the ability to monitor your smoke alarm so that in the event of it being triggered the monitoring center can call nominated contact or send a patrol to check on your valuable assets.

Plant & Equipment

Imagine knowing where all your valuable plant & equipment is 24/7 - no more missing lap-tops, printers, or specialty tooling. Equipment can be monitored discreetly and it greatly reduces costs caused by missing deadlines or equipment replacement.


CCTV Monitoring offers you the freedom and flexibility to check what is happening within or around your premises at any time of the day or night. It's Secure offer viewing capabilities on iPhone, iPad & most android tablets and phones. This can be used with back to base monitoring for the utmost in security or can stand alone. You will always be able to see where staff, stock and assets are as well as have the ability to identify any intruders from a safe location.


RFID tagging and tracking whether passive or active allows you to track and monitor assets, stock and even people. Tags are small and easily hidden and can be used to locate and track stolen goods or movement throughout your premises

Patrol Guards

A patrol Guard offers a high level of guaranteed personal protection. Used in conjunction with alarm and/or cctv monitoring a patrol guard will protect your premises until any breached access points are secured. Guards are fully trained to handle triggered events of all kinds and they ensure you don't place yourself or staff in a potentially dangerous situation in case of break in.

Point Of Sale Transaction Security

With It's Secure you have the ability to see, watch live or play back all transactions from your POS system, offer a dependable way of ensuring no transaction goes undetected. POS systems ensure you know which staff member is responsible for each transaction and you can track all money removed from the till.

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