CCTV Camera Systems

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CCTV surveillance now plays a critical part of overall security solutions, used by councils for public safety in outdoor areas, as well as commercial and residential properties. Having a camera system may lower your home and contents insurance significantly.

CCTV can be a beneficial asset for businesses by ensuring accurate recordings to ensure OH&S compliance and aid dispute resolution. It also chronicles employee and employer relations helping to resolve any potential discord over workplace practices.

Live monitoring of your camera system can now be done from anywhere with internet access from your own iPad, iPhone or Android devices. This can be useful for both residential and commercial applications.

Point Of Sale (POS) Systems are able to work in synergy with your POS software and track cash register activity enabling you to identify who processed each transaction, when, what and how.

Thanks to recent technology CCTV can now be truly affordable.

The general system comprises just a few parts:


This is where the footage your CCTV System stores its data.


There are many different styles, types, mounts and image resolutions available. It is now possible to get cameras that give beautifully clear images making identification much easier. Infrared thermal cameras make night recording a reality. Top of the range cameras can take clear video from hundreds of metres away, even during darkness.

Power supplies

Power supply can be wired, battery operated or solar. Solar can be particularly beneficial when the camera is in a position where wiring back to the property would be impractical or overly expensive.

Monitor, Key-board & mouse

Are needed to view and replay footage. It's Secure designs, installs, services and maintains a wide range of surveillance camera and recording solutions. From small residential or commercial through to multi-level premises we offer the flexibility to expand on all systems regardless of size, location and purpose. With an Its Secure CCTV solution you never have to question what's happening when you're not there.

For more info on CCTV please read our CCTV FAQ page.