Camera FAQ

Get answers to your camera questions.

Q. Do home security alarm systems really lower the likelihood of burglary or intruders?

A. Studies have shown that homes with back to base monitored security systems are over three times less likely to be burgled.

Q. Does CCTV effect clients or customers?

A. Almost all It's Secure's CCTV clients report that they have had positive feedback stating that staff and clients both feel safer since their camera system install. Staff tend to feel more at ease knowing the possibility of client aggression and holds are considerably lowered.

Q. Does it's Secure do both residential and commerical CCTV installs?

A.Yes, Its Secure has designed, installed and completed maintenances of CCTV systems from analog single story residential homes to P.I multilevel high-rise commercial structures.

Q. Do public viewing monitors act as deterrents?

A. Yes, for commercial applications Its Secure recommends installing public viewing options where possible. These are proven to lower the risk of theft and any customer watching may report back any remiss activity.

Q. Can I have more than 1 camera per system?

A. Yes, basic systems can run 4 cameras, however systems can be installed that run up to 8, 16, 32 or even 64 cameras.

Q. How much storage can I have on my DVR/NVR?

A. Most units start with 500GB of storage and pending on the size, brand and style of unit most will take up to 4TB. You can elect a size that will hold your footage without rewriting for as long as you feel necessary.

Q. Can CCTV systems record cash register transactions?

A. Yes. Its Secure has installed I.P systems that intergrade with POS systems, but check your manufacture specifications, as not all P.O.S systems will be compatible. These systems offer complete tracking control over your staff checkout activity, allowing you to know exactly what came out, the staff member that processed the transaction and what it was for.

Q. is installing CCTV expensive?

A. Not at all, while it absolutely depends on the system you chose a single camera with free remote viewing access on your mobile devices starts as low as $299. Prices have dropped significantly on this type of technology in recent years.

Q. Does Its Secure offer rental as well as out-right purchase of systems?

A. Yes, Its Secure has options for out freehold purchase as well as options on rental for up to 5 years

Q. Can I view my system remotely via Internet?

A. Yes, the systems Its Secure install all have remote capability for iPhone, iPad and Android apps, we also offer an off-site tech support service free of charge.

Q. What's the point of having CCTV if the picture is all grainy and blurred?

A. New camera technology has come leaps and bounds in recent years, while there are still cameras available that do not produce a good quality picture there are now plenty of options that do, making it easy to cleary identify those caught on camera.

Q. Can the cameras work at night or over long distances?

A. Infra red technology enable clear footage to be taken even at night. Some of our cameras even allow you to see hundreds of metres down driveways or anywhere else long range detection is needed.