Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

Monitor movement and/or heat in commercial and residential properties, allowing you to be alerted when either is detected. Alarms can be audible or silent and transmitted by radio signal, satellite signal or telephone line to a 24-hour monitoring center from where a requested action is taken.

It's Secure deals with all the major alarm suppliers nationally. Each manufacturer has its own design and software however the key parts in your system are all very similar and can be made up of the following 8 key components.

Control Panel

The control panel is the center or hub of an alarm system and is made up essentially of circuit board, phone dialer unit, back up battery, and tamper switch, the circuit board is the smarts to the system, the phone unit is what is used to communicate with the 24-hour control room, the battery keeps the system running in event of power failure and the tamper lets us know if someone is attempting to access the system

Code Pad

The code pad has 2 main functions, one is for the installer to program the system to meet the clients needs, the second is for the end user to activate or arm/disarm the system

PIR's, Passive Infra Red detectors encompass movement sensors, heat sensors, glass breaks which detect vibration and smoke detectors. These can be either wireless (battery powered) or hard wired. Its Secure will suggest your best options depending on your security needs.

REED Switches

These can be fixed to doors, windows, roller doors, cupboards and the like, they work buy having a magnet field between the two units, when the field is broken the alarm is triggered, again there are wired and wireless units available

Duress buttons

A manual way of triggering an alarm to signal for patrol guards or police to attend your site.


Key-fobs are another way of turning alarms on and off, they work the same as most wireless devices and offer quick entry/exit without using a key-pad, most also have a duress button feature build in.

Sirens and Strobe lights

Your system will use a combination of both internal and external sirens and strobe lights, there primary function is to make it uncomfortable internally for an intruder and signal externally that the alarm has been activated

Glass Breaks

Glass Breaks detect the high pitch noise made when glass is broken or shattered, these are great devices for the front of display shops and commercial buildings where an intruder can take stock through a broken window without actually entering the building.

For more info on Alarms please read our Alarm FAQ page.