Alarm FAQ

Get answers to your alarm questions.

Q. Do home security alarm systems really lower the likelihood of burglary or intruders?

A. Studies have shown that homes with back to base monitored security systems are over three times less likely to be burgled.

Q. If my monitored alarm sounds, how long will it take for the control room to notify me?

A. You will be notified within 30-90 seconds, depending on your chosen configuration.

Q. What if my phone line is cut?

A. If your phone line is cut or damaged your alarm will be unable to signal the control room and you will not get a notification call. Your alarm will still sound but to prevent loss of immediate notification you need to install a dual Path option.

Q. What does Dual Path mean?

A. Dual path means we combine GSM (cellular Technology) with your home or office phone line - should your phone line be cut the alarm switches over to the GSM Network ensuring the control room can still monitor your premises and notify you of any alarm.

Q. What if I don't have a landline?

A. Alarms are still able to be back to base monitored utilising a GSM unit, in many ways this is a more secure option.

Q. Why choose Back to Base monitoring with It's Secure?

A. Our monitoring company is local Victorian based provider with a Grade 1 accreditation offering 24/7 reliable service 365 days a year. Its Secure can offer open and closed monitoring options as well as remote arming on most panel types; full weekly reports on staff movements and the option to add/remove codes as needed.

Q. What happens when my alarm is activated?

A. We offer a fully customisable service, you may allocate a list of people for the control room to notify in order or you may wish to send out a patrol car as a first point of call.

Q. If the power goes off does my alarm still work?

A. Yes, when power failures occur the alarm runs on a back up battery that can supply power in emergencies. Its Secure also monitors battery strength and faults, ensuring the battery is always at its optimum.

Q. Are discount's on my home or business insurance possible with monitored alarms?

A. Yes, in most instances insurance companies offer policy discount in the vicinity of 10-20%, individual policies vary, so always check with your provider.

Q. How much could an alarm system cost?

A. Systems range from basic, highly affordabe options right through to cutting edge technology with a host of optional extras. Please call us for an obligation free quote or use our request a quote form.

Q. Why should I monitor my property?

A. Monitoring your property is the best way to have piece of mind when you're elsewhere. Studies have shown that the general public do not offen respond to alarm sirens so having someone monitoring your system 24/7 is paramount if you wish to be notified as soon as your alarm sounds.

Q. How do I get a quote?

A. To ensure we specify the best system for your needs and quote accurately we offer free site inspections. Call us today or use our request a quote form to get a free security consultation and quote.